Mothers’ Union

The Mothers’ Union is a Worldwide organisation of over 3.6 million women and men living in over 78 countries who believe in the importance of families. Our aim and purpose is to demonstrate the Christian faith in action by the transformation of communities worldwide through the nurture of family in its many forms.
Membership is open to all who have been baptised in the name of the Holy Trinity.

The Mothers’ Union have five objectives:-

  1. Supporting and promoting marriage
  2. Encouraging parents in their role to develop the faith of their children.
  3. Maintaining a worldwide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and service
  4. Promoting conditions in society favourable to stable family life and the protection of children
  5. Helping those whose family life has met with adversity

In the Guernsey Deanery we have 4 branches which are the Vale, St Stephen’s, Castel & St Sampson’s with St Mary’s.
As a Deanery we hold several events throughout the year, one of which is an Overseas Tea Afternoon.  This will involve someone who will come and speak about their Charity involved in work overseas.

We are also involved in supplying toiletries to the Women’s Refuge and we also have members who serve and supply refreshments at the local Prison on the days when families go to visit.

Therese Roussel.
Guernsey Deanery Co-ordinator.

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