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Fri 8th Nov
CW Saints and Martyrs of England
The Saints and Martyrs of England

Red or Green / white

Lesser Festival Eucharistic Lectionary
Isaiah 61.4-9 or
Ecclesiasticus 44.1-15
Psalm 15
Revelation 19.5-10
John 17.18-23

Holy Communion
Romans 15.14-21
Psalm 98
Luke 16.1-8

Morning Prayer
Psalms 16, 149 (or) 142, 144
Isaiah 3.1-15
Matthew 4.1-11

Evening Prayer
Psalms 137, 138, 143 (or) 145
Daniel 3.19-end
Revelation 3.14-end

Additional Weekday Lectionary
Proverbs 3.13-18
Matthew 19.16-end


God, whom the glorious company of the redeemed adore,
assembled from all times and places of your dominion:
we praise you for the saints of our own land
and for the many lamps their holiness has lit;
and we pray that we also may be numbered at last
with those who have done your will
and declared your righteousness;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

Post Communion

God, the source of all holiness
and giver of all good things:
may we who have shared at this table
as strangers and pilgrims here on earth
be welcomed with all your saints
to the heavenly feast on the day of your kingdom;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Fri 8th Nov
6:30 pm
7:30 pm
Music Group Practice
The Music Group lead our singing at the Family Eucharist
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Fri 8th Nov
7:45 pm
8:45 pm
Choir Practice
The choir lead our singing at the Parish Eucharist
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