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Thu 12th Dec
CW Communion=0D=0AIsaiah 41.13-20=0D=0APsalm 145.1, 8-13=0D=0AMatthew 11.11-15=0D=0A=0D=0AMorning Prayer=0D=0APsalms 53, 54, 60 (or) 37*=0D=0AIsaiah 32=0D=0AMatthew 15.21-28=0D=0A=0D=0AEvening Prayer=0D=0APsalm 73 (or) 39, 40=0D=0AIsaiah 48.1-11=0D=0A1 Thessalonians 3=0D=0A=0D=0AAdditional Weekday Lectionary=0D=0AJeremiah 23.5-8=0D=0AMark 11.1-11=0D=0A=0D=0ACollect=0D=0A=0D=0AO Lord, raise up, we pray, your power=0D=0Aand come among us,=0D=0Aand with great might succour us;=0D=0Athat whereas, through our sins and wickedness=0D=0Awe are grievously hindered=0D=0Ain running the race that is set before us,=0D=0Ayour bountiful grace and mercy=0D=0Amay speedily help and deliver us;=0D=0Athrough Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,=0D=0Ato whom with you and the Holy Spirit,=0D=0Abe honour and glory, now and for ever.=0D=0A=0D=0APost Communion=0D=0A=0D=0AFather in heaven,=0D=0Awho sent your Son to redeem the world=0D=0Aand will send him again to be our judge:=0D=0Agive us grace so to imitate him=0D=0Ain the humility and purity of his first coming=0D=0Athat, when he comes again,=0D=0Awe may be ready to greet him=0D=0Awith joyful love and firm faith;=0D=0Athrough Jesus Christ our Lord.=0D=0A=0D=0AAdditional Collect=0D=0A=0D=0AAlmighty God,=0D=0Apurify our hearts and minds,=0D=0Athat when your Son Jesus Christ comes again=0D=0A as judge and saviour=0D=0Awe may be ready to receive him,=0D=0Awho is our Lord and our God.=0D=0A=0D=0AAnglican Cycle of Prayer=0D=0ASittwe (Myanmar) James Min Dein=0D=0AEha Amufu (Nigeria) Daniel Olinya=0D=0A=0D=0A
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